Youtube Analytics – Video Report Template

Youtube Analytics - Video Report Template

Video Report Template

Is your company marketing on YouTube with webinars, product demos and corporate videos? Then you’re at the right place if you want to measure the video footprint of your YouTube channel.

In this walk-through, we will provide an easy way for you to create a Video Report Template. We have also created numerous Digital Marketing templates for download that allow Marketing Managers to easily create templated reports.

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What is YouTube Analytics?

Youtube provides a powerful indepth analysis of your YouTube channel at:

This is a feature rich console that gives you in-depth analytics of your own YouTube channel, including a channel overview, audience details, playback locations, engagement levels and various other details.

They also have a very robust support site at

YouTube Analytics Video Report Template through YouTube Console

Video Report Template

First start off with a nice solid cover page for your report. Don’t be shy to label the report with your name. This makes it easier for people to come and ask you for more details. And at the same time it helps you raise your visibility in the company.

Remember your marketing top brass is too busy to read a lengthy report. So keep your report short and to the point. It’s highly recommended to use a PowerPoint slide template.
YouTube Analytics Video Report Template Cover Page of Report PowerPoint

Video Analytics – What to report?

Now that you’ve established the format of the report, let’s start to nail down some of the important metrics to include:

  • Total YouTube Videos in the account
  • Number of new Videos produced since the last report
  • Number of Views (Both the total views and new views since the last report)
  • Average View Time – this is a great indicator of how long on average people watch your videos
  • Video Engagement – such as Likes, Dislikes and number of comments.
  • Viewer Sentiment – you can find Videos and Topics that are trending in the industry
  • Viewer Demographics – such as gender, age, location, etc.
  • And competitive information – such as what’s trending within competitor’s channels.
  • And most importantly, the number of total and new Subscribers

Most of these metrics can easily be obtained from the YouTube Analytics console. A few of the data points (such as Video Sentiment and Competitive information) can be obtained from the Pagezii YouTube reporting tool.

Video Channel Overview

The first page of your report should be the equivalent of an executive summary. This can be accomplished by the Channel Overview data as shown below. This showcases the overall health of the YouTube channel along with some of the important metrics.
YouTube-Analytics-Video Report-Template-Channel-Metrics-Info

Reporting YouTube Views

The number of views and when they occur are very important to identify any viewer patterns. In our report template we’ve shown it against a daily plot. Your time plot has to be reflective of your business and could be daily, weekly or even monthly.


Top Video Template

Another important slide deck in our analytics template includes the “Top Metrics” highlight. This is when you showcase the top 10 videos performance based on Watch time, views, and engagements.

YouTube-Analytics-Video Report-Template-Top-video-metrics-highlight

YouTube Demographics Report

Don’t forget to include a slide on viewer demographics. In our video report template we’ve included the graph that comes in the YouTube Analytics console. It provides a meaningful age/gender break-down of viewership.


Video Sentiment Analysis

Pagezii provides in-depth video sentiment analysis by breaking down user engagement levels into positive and negative signal markers. By assigning these markers against video topic tags, you can get a very clear picture of what topics resonate with your users. A sample video sentiment analysis is shown below and can easily be created by Pagezii YouTube Reports.

YouTube-Analytics-Video Report-Template-Video-Sentiment-Analysis

Competitor Report Template

Pagezii YouTube analysis also includes a competitor review as well as an industry benchmark analysis. Such analysis helps marketing topbrass learn about your industry performance on YouTube. The sample shown below is created with Pagezii YouTube Reports.

YouTube-Analytics-Video Report-Template-Competitor-Analysis-Industry-Bench-Marking

Download Report Templates

If you found this walkthrough useful, then you will appreciate the several reporting templates that we’ve created for download. You can grab them from our main resources page.

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